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Erin Einhorn and Lazlo Lorenz

Blog: Member Profile – The Einhorn-Lorenz Family

The Einhorn-Lornez family – Dave, Erin, Irena and Lazlo – have been...

The Frei Family

Blog: Member Profile – The Frei Family

Sharon Frei of Rochester Hills and her daughters Shaila (age 13),...

space gallery

Blog: Member Profile – The Bolton Family

Like many other parents, Michigan Science Center member and Detroit...

Blog: Member Profile – The Stella Family

This month, we’re highlighting MiSci members as part of Member...

An educator creates a cloud using liquid nitrogen

Blog: Dragon’s Breath Challenge – The Facts

By Charles Gibson, MiSci Outreach and Innovation Director      ...

a still image from the TV series Detroiters

Blog: MiSci on “Detroiters”

The Michigan Science Center was featured on Season 2, Episode 1 of...

A young guests conducts a chemistry experiment

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A family completes a lab activity.

Blog – Engineers: Making a Difference

Feb. 18 – 24 is Engineers Week! Did you know that there are...

Volunteer of the month Joyce Harris

Joyce B. Harris: January 2018 Volunteer of the Month

Joyce B. Harris can be found lending a hand at a variety of MiSci...


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